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Blue Collar Capital Partners exists to inspire the built environment and its stakeholders to pursue greater efficiency, transparency and accountability through innovation.


Borne from our own success in developing efficient construction operations, Blue Collar Capital Partners launched in 2019 to empower other companies in achieving similar, unprecedented efficiencies. By connecting emerging technology with construction operations, Blue Collar Capital Partners is reshaping the built environment experience through technology-enabled construction and asset management.


Strategic Capital Placement

Through strong relationships with capital providers and our ability to introduce and promote tech adoption & increased sales across our built environment network, BCCP serves as a full-service strategic capital partner, adviser and outside sales and strategy team. We purposefully limit our engagements to founders and platforms in which our partners personally want to invest.

Technology Development

Borne from our sustained success in efficient construction operations, Blue Collar’s intimate knowledge of the construction and technology markets allows us to effectively identify, support the integration of technology that is catalyzing the construction evolution .

Construction Management Services

BCCP is proud to have built an impressive assembly of Principals, Advisors, and Strategic Partners who are committed to accelerating the evolution of the built environment. We are thankful to have such an incredibly talented, experienced, and diversified group of domain experts that provide valuable insights and direction that drive our shared success.

Optimized Labor

One of the main reasons our capital network choose to invest alongside BCCP is because we identify superior return opportunities and are co-investors that have aligned incentives in actively protecting and growing the value of our portfolio companies. Upon successful project funding, our construction management and technology team is then deployed to site, actively implementing efficient operational standards in order to meet project-specific goals. 

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